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Jordan King

Sales sequence open rates from 36% - 50%, Average CTR 8%


Jordan King

Helping female founders show up as the visionaries they are | Business strategy + systems + implementation

Email 1:

Hey hey, {{first_name}}, 👋🏻


I’m popping into your inbox to deliver the link to my Masterclass, Scale With A Group Program. 


Here’s a quick recap: 


We'll be talking about why group programs are so transformational, a few little-known strategies to execute them impressively well plus some tips & tricks to help you avoid all the common (and not-so-common) pitfalls along the way. 


Pretty powerful stuff. 😉


If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to scale your business then you’re in the right place because groups are it!


Not courses. 


Now I have nothing against courses but let’s keep it 💯 —


Everyone buys them, no one completes them, and they’re not the most effective way to actually help your people. 


Groups are everything courses are trying to be, but better (more on that inside the class). 


I can’t wait for you to watch this, {{first_name}}


If you have any questions, I’m always right here. Just email me back and I’ll answer all your Q’s✌🏻




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