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About Me

A Storytelling, Launch-Loving, Research-Obsessed Copywriter

Did you know? If your copy isn’t creative, engaging, and authentic then something awful happens… nothing!


Over the years, I've mastered writing techniques that can bring any sales page, email sequence or ad copy back to life with renewed purpose—and bring measurable results to your business. 


My psychology-backed, storytelling copy has proven time and time again that it works.


And if you like, I’ll prove it again when we work together! 😉


Get started by booking a FREE 30-minute call.


Human psychology hasn’t changed for thousands of years. Yet every day advertisers brag about the newest “loophole” or “marketing hack” that made them into overnight millionaires. These trends overpromise, underdeliver, and then disappear—leaving business owners to pick up the pieces.


While these trends come and go like, here's what's been around forever—a handful of key principles that have weathered through the test of time and still come out on top.


And these are the exact principles I use in the foundation of all my copy.


Combine this with my extensive knowledge of psychology-backed copywriting techniques… And your customer is unable to imagine life without your product or service.


They need to opt-in, sign up, or check out— right now!

That’s another happy customer, another sale, and another deposit in the bank. 


But don’t get it twisted—it's not just about money. It's about what money allows us to do. 

Like take care of the house where our family lives, send our kids to the best school in the city or finally go on that dream vacation to Bora Bora. Ultimately, we want to create the life that we envisioned when we started our own business.


The purpose of every word I write is

to turn that burning desire into your new reality. 


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My Name is Italia Elena

Yes, like the country.

While I haven't made my way to Italy just yet (it's on the list!), there is another place in the world that is near and dear to my heart: 


Madrid, Spain.

Because after graduating college, doing an internship and working for a boutique ad agency... I suddenly decided to pack my bags and live in Madrid for 3 months. Thanks, quarter-life crisis!

What followed was the most influential adventure of my life to date. 

Not only had I never been to Spain before, I also didn't speak Spanish.  I lived with a 73 year old woman, her sister and her niece while I attended an immersive language school, discovered a new level of independence, and ate patatas bravas with folks from all over the world.


This was one of the most important adventures of my life because by the end of it, I was inspired to pursue copywriting full-time and find a way to work remotely (before working remotely was all the rage!)


If it wasn't for that trip, I wouldn't be writing this—and you certainly wouldn't be reading it!

Learn More About Me

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I entered this world on a day full of love

I was born on a rainy Tuesday on February 14th—otherwise known as Valentine's Day! Even though I was born on a holiday, I absolutely love it. Who wouldn't love  getting flowers, chocolates AND birthday gifts? Go ahead, I'll wait. 

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