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Coach Kat & Dr. Mimi

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Coach Kat & Dr. Mimi

Kat & Mimi Secor are joining forces as a dynamic mother daughter duo with the

goal of helping women become fantastically fit & fabulously healthy

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As a healthcare professional, I’ve been in your scrubs. 

While pursuing my doctoral degree in nursing, I found myself tipping the scales as my weight increased and feeling the pressure as I tried to excel in my studies, career, and personal life. 

Ultimately, I was letting my physical and emotional health crash and burn after spending my entire career caring for others.

I wanted to make a change, but there were so many considerations. Was I too old? Did I really have the time? 

But with the unwavering support of my daughter, Kat, a professional athlete and women's transformation coach, I was able to dig deep, recommit to my goals and completely transform my life. 

Sound familiar? You can have the same exact results that I did—I’m living proof that you can make a radical shift in your physical and mental health at any age!

The first step? Take our FREE Fat Loss Assessment and gain insight into how your lifestyle is affecting your health goals.

Receive your Fat Loss Assessment in just minutes. Take the assessment today!

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