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Fat Mermaids

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Fat Mermaids

A size inclusive clothing line and community. We carry mermaid themed tees size S-6XL and Leggings XS-5XL. We also provide resources and advocacy for fat and curvy merfolk

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We see you over there. Struttin’ your stuff with your big, bold, beautiful body!  

But when you’re thiccc with 3 C’s, shopping for clothes isn’t always easy for a chubby babe like you!

Big fashion brands don’t understand that you want to be SEEN and HEARD!

That’s why we started Fat Mermaids—to create ultra cute t-shirts, crop tops, accessories, and more that show off your fiercely unique style and glorify your tummy while smashing diet culture and starting important convos about body acceptance and beauty standards.

So spice up your wardrobe with clothes that have bold styles, bright colors and body-positive sayings that tell everyone who thinks you’re “too big” just where to go and how to get there.  

Ready to be unbothered while looking like a WHOLE snack? Treat yo’ self to Fat Mermaids! Shop Today!

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