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Irina Pichura

Copy refresh lead to lower cost per lead by 32% within 72 hours


Irina Pichura

Online business coach helping entrepreneurs start and scale their

online business through digital co

Ad 1:

Job searching can be hard.  

Especially when you’re trying to land a dream job that feeds the soul and pays the bills with a resume you’re not sure anyone is even reading.

But what if it didn’t HAVE to be so tough? The truth is, it just takes a little finesse, a lot of strategy, and all the motivation you already have inside of you. Interested?

Turn your job search around with the GET HIRED MASTERPLAN—a masterclass full of tips, key insights, and juicy secrets that will help you:

  • Get crystal clear on what your next job will be (vs. applying to every job hoping for a call back)

  • Write a killer resume, cover letter & LinkedIn profile that have employers reaching out left and right

  • Network with the right people & create meaningful connections

  • Nail every part of the interview process with ease & confidence

  • Accept an offer & negotiate a salary that you’re worthy of

...All without EVER settling. 

The GET HIRED MASTERPLAN isn’t just another course you’re going to download and forget about a week later (like all those OTHER programs you tried out). This course is an implementation system designed to give you the 1:1 guidance you need to succeed in your job search—starting with your mindset.

What you do today is an investment in tomorrow. And no matter what, these next few weeks are gonna FLY by. So take the steps to get seen, get heard, and get HIRED so you can be stacking paper by the end of it!

The endless job search is so over. Sign up today for the GET HIRED MASTERPLAN.

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