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John Clarke

Generated over $100k in revenue from $2.6k ad spend

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Private Practice Workshop LLC

helps therapists, counselors, and psychologists build a better private practice

For Non-buyers (warming) Ad name V2:

How To Recession-Proof Your Private Practice Call Now! Doors For Fully Booked Open Only Once A Year!! 🚪 Fully Booked™ Is Designed to Create Successful Therapy Practices A Surefire Way Any Therapist Can Build A Successful Private Practice A Simple 5-Step Process To Consistently Getting New Clients

📣 Therapists, THIS is the most important message you’ll read all year! 📣

I have a way to make sure new clients call and book my private practice each week regardless of a recession, a global pandemic, or any other circumstance.

This is critical because a consistent flow of new clients is the ONLY way to build a sustainable, long-term private practice (I know this because I’ve built 3!)

Now I’ve simplified this process and made it super easy through Fully Booked™.

This 5-Week Program teaches a Proven 5-Step System for generating new clients consistently so therapists can help more people and skyrocket earning potential by...

💡 Skipping past all the costly mistakes & obstacles that MOST therapists make
💡 Implementing a smartly designed marketing process that is proven to work
💡 Learning to get clients consistently even if they’re not tech-savvy or don't have a huge budget

🌟 This allows them to take care of themselves, their family, their future, and finally live the life they’ve always imagined!

Doors for Fully Booked open once a year on April 3rd, and spots are limited. This is no time to wait—Book a Call & Enroll into Fully Booked today

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