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Sarah King

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Sarah King

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The Potty-Training Solution You’ve Been Searching For 

How One Parent Potty-Trained Their 6 Year Old Autistic Child…

Your Spot For Our FREE Training Is Reserved! 


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You’ve successfully registered for our upcoming FREE training, How to Potty Train Your Hard-to-Train Child and Conquer Toileting Issues for Good.

...which includes the amazing story of how parents successfully potty-trained their 6-year-old child with Autism.

I’ve met so many parents who believe that once their child reaches a certain age, potty-training will become difficult or even impossible. I’ve also met parents with atypical children who think toilet training is a lost cause and become anxious over how it will affect their child as they grow older. I’ve even seen grandparents who are frustrated with watching their 5-year-old grandchildren walk around in pull-ups, and are looking for a way to help in any way they can...
And that’s exactly why I created this FREE training!

To bring hope and guidance to all parents by proving to them that children who are atypical, super stubborn, or even 8 years-old can all be potty-trained! 

And this FREE training is going to show you how, plus reveal the methods one parent used to successfully potty-train their 6-year-old child with Autism. 
Excited, yet? I know I am! Here are the details for the training:

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And here’s a special link just for you: [link]

During this FREE online training, we will cover:


  • The truth about potty training hard-to-train children

  • Our proven, simple process to successful potty-training

  • Our highly effective potty-training system & the amazing results we’ve achieved

I know you’re tired and frustrated of dealing with diapers, cleaning up accidents, and having to explain to grandparents and pre-school teachers why your child isn’t potty-trained yet. So if you’re serious about finally ditching the diapers for good, mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss this FREE training...

Once again, here’s the link: [link]

See you there,

Dr. Sarah

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