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Tootsie Mama

3x ROAS - CTR 6% - $116k Revenue Generated - 72k Link Clicks/Site Visits


Tootsie Mama

A small business by moms for moms! Pumping and breastfeeding products that

help you get back to being a mom

Ad 1:

Your pump should be the only thing that sucks. Not your pumping bra.

Enter the Tootsie Mama Hands-Free Universal Pumping Bra. Made by moms, for moms, which means no more sliding nursing pads, uncomfortable underwires, or cone boobs.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Stylish, discreet & doubles as a nursing bra

  • Works with all models of breast pumps

  • Positions you for great suction with its thoughtful design—just relax & pump

  • Available in multiple sizes for a close, comfy fit

You can wear the Tootsie Mama Hands-Free Universal Pumping Bra all day. Just slide in your breast flanges, attach your bottles, and get pumping. Easy peasy.

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